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The Perfect Fall Bag | Ethical fashion.

Can you smell it?! It’s sweet, cinnamony, and inspires visions of pumpkin patches and snuggling by the fire. It’s Pumpkin Spice and that can only mean one thing… Fall is coming!

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season for so many reasons. Firstly, ‘cozy’ is now an acceptable fashion choice and style for this season. And we all know that being cozy in every situation is my number one goal in life. Secondly, baked goods. Enough said. And lastly, there are so many fun accessories to play with once those leaves start changing their colors. Scarves, all the boots, jackets, sweaters, hats and beanies, and of course, the reason we are all here, bags!

A bag is the most essential and personal of all accessories. It is an extension of your being – the keeper of all the things you deem important enough to carry on your person when out and about in the world. Whether you are cross-body bagging your essentials to a PSL coffee date or toting fall weather picnic supplies to the park, the right bag for fall is a necessity.

the perfect fall bag
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Kinds of Grace

Kinds of Grace has generously given us a discount code for their gorgeous vegan bags! Enter the code CULTIVATED at checkout for 20% off!

Paeony Blush Tweed Handbag

Kinds of Grace creates luxury vegan bags from sustainable, earth-friendly materials. Their vegan wool tweed bag collection is perfect for Fall. This handbag comes in four color options, Paeony Blush (pink), Obsidian Orchid (black), Cloud Hydrangea (blue), and Fuscia Field (purple). There is also a tweed envelope wallet that comes in Obsidian Orchid. The Tweed Handbag is $179 and the Tweed Wallet is $99.

Paradisio Polished Satchel

Normally I am not an animal print kinda gal, however; the colors of this satchel have me contemplating changing my ways. I love these rich, warm colors for Fall. This satchel would look absolutely enviable sitting next to you and your Pumpkin Spice Latte at the coffee shop. The Paradisio Polished Satchel is $199.


The Zip-Top Transport Crossbody

This is my go-to purse for Fall and beyond. It has the perfect amount of storage for my everyday essentials and is as is comfortable to wear as it is cute! The English Saddle color is my favorite for this season, but it also comes in three other color options. The Zip-Top Transport Crossbody bag is $148.

The Micro Sydney Crossbody Bag in Leather

This itty bitty vintage-looking bag would be your perfect companion during your Fall adventures. Just big enough for your most essential essentials so it won’t get in the way while pumpkin picking. The Micro Sydney Crossbody bag is on sale for $104.50, originally $118.


Solome Shoulder Bag

This gorgeous deep brown shoulder bag from ABLE is total fall vibes! This bag paired with cute boots, throw on a chunky scarf, add a beanie or cute hat and you have your new fall uniform. You’re welcome. The Solome Shoulder Bag is $168.

Matt & Nat

Minka – Dwell

Matt & Nat is another vegan brand creating nature-inspired bags using recycled and environmentally conscious materials. I adore the design of this Minka-Dwell bag. Sleek and stylish, this bag has it all and comes in five colors. The color pictured, Chai, is my favorite but there are several other fall beauties like Woodland, a dark brown, and Matcha, a soft green. The Minka-Dwell bag is $145.

Reika – Vintage

This crossbody pocket book bag is adorable. I am such a sucker for these vintage vibes for Fall. This purse would be the perfect third wheel on your fall date night or the best companion while cute boot shopping! The Reika-Vintage comes in three colors, Sage (pictured), Chili (cognac brown), and Black. Reika-Vintage is $130.

Sira – Purity

Got an important meeting to attend? Impress them with this briefcase-style purse. This bag was made to be taken on a stroll in Central Park with those orange and red leaves falling down all around you! The Sira-Purity bag is $115 and comes in four colors, Beet (pictured), Mineral (soft green), Carotene (cognac brown), and Black.

Angela Roi

Grace Crossbody

More vegan bags? Heck yes! The Grace Crossbody is a beautiful bag that would go with everything! This beauty comes in six lovely colors as well as a mini and micro version! How cute! You know mini sizes of anything are adorbs! Yes, I just said adorbs… don’t judge. The Grace Crossbody is $225.

Cher Tote

The Cher Tote is THE bag to bring on your fall picnic adventures! Plenty of room for a cozy blanket and some carefully wrapped up snacks. Emphasis on ‘carefully’ because spilling on this bag would make me cry. On second thought, nix the snacks for this bag and pack some extra mittens or layers to comabt that Fall chill. The Cher Tote is $250.

Happy Fall Bag Shopping!

Well, there we go. Ten absolutely stunning ethical and sustainable bags for Fall. Which bag is your favorite? I hope you have a lovely Fall and one of these bags accompanies you on all the adventures and fun the Fall season has to offer. Okay, I am getting a little cheesy, but I love fall and can not wait for caramel apples, golden leaves, and that crisp Autumn air.

This blog post may contain affiliate links. This means if you choose to purchase through one of these links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Please note that my reviews are 100% my own personal opinion.

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