My Week of Outfits | November 2 – 8

my week of outfits | November 2 - 8This blog post may contain affiliate links. This means if you choose to purchase through one of these links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Please note that my reviews are 100% my own personal opinion.

My Week of Outfits | November 2 – 8

This week starts off the beginning of a few hectic months for me. I have sold my house and will be moving in the next month. On Tuesday I made my way over to my home state, Arizona, to help my mom, who is also moving, declutter her home that she has lived in for 13 years. I come back from AZ on Sunday to start a new job that next day and continue packing and moving myself. Travel back to AZ for Thanksgiving and then return to the ‘Sip (Mississippi) with one day to spare to be completely moved out of my house and into a friend’s mother-in-law suite with my husband and two not-so-small dogs until the new house is ready.

Did reading that just raise your anxiety level by 1000% cause it sure did raise mine! Even though this is going to be the first of many crazy weeks ahead, I feel so blessed (oh my gawd, the south is rubbing off on me) to be able to visit my family twice in one month!! All of my outfit posts, except for Saturday, were taken before my trip, but I wanted to share them with you anyway in case you see something you have to have!

I am a work in progress. My closet is not 100% ethical and sustainable clothing, yet! That is definitely my goal, but I also think it would be irresponsible to get rid of the clothes I already have from my pre-ethical shopping days. For any piece that is not from an ethical, sustainable brand (or out of stock 🙁 ), I will link a similar option that is!

Phoenix Food

For this week of outfits post I thought it would be fun to include some of the restaurants I ate at while in Phoenix. The food is one of the things I miss the most about my hometown and I keep a running list of places I want to eat at when I go back to visit! If you are ever in Phx, give these places a try!


A very tense day for me. The election, flying… But I recently got this top from Thred Up. It is originally Amour Vert and is the cutest thing ever! Love the slouchy look with these Everlane jeans and boots so old I am embarrassed to tell you how long I have had them!

Phoenix Food | Julio G’s order the mini chimis


My first full day in AZ! This coat would have lasted .03 seconds in Phoenix. Phoenix stills thinks it is summer time and is doling out 90 degree weather for all who attempt to wear a sweater or coat in November! I just got this coat back from being altered. It is an Everlane coat that I found on Thred Up. It was a bit too big for me so I had it altered and still paid less than if I had bought it new!

Phoenix Food | Cornish Pasty Co order anything… you’re welcome


I hate this dress! I bought it before I made the choice to shop more ethically and it is poor quality and honestly, looks hideous on me. BUT I love the print and the skirt part of this dress. So, instead of chucking it or donating, I threw a cute sweater over top and repurposed this dress into a cute Fall outfit!

Phoenix Food | If you have never tried the Jack-In-the-Box tacos and eggrolls you are missing out… I have converted everyone I know into a lover of these fried gross morsels of deliciousness


Another sweater over dress situation, but I actually do like this dress. Another trick for making your summer/spring clothes work for the colder months is to throw a sweater over top! That is my motto for everything. When in doubt, sweater!

Phoenix Food | Tocaya Organica the Barrio tacos with chorizo are amazing! Vegan friendly


There are so many great Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, but my absolute favorite is Macayo’s – get their green corn tamales

My last day in Phoenix 🙁 My cousin and I went for a bike ride around her neighborhood! I spent my childhood disliking the desert scenery I grew up in, but now I LOVE it! Don’t get me wrong, greenery is sooo nice, but cacti, pink and purple sunsets, and mountains are ingrained into my heart.

For more outfit inspo check out my other Week of Outfits posts!

This blog post may contain affiliate links. This means if you choose to purchase through one of these links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Please note that my reviews are 100% my own personal opinion.

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